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Don’t Gamble With a Traditional Sewer Repair: Go Trenchless!

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In today’s world, we’re constantly bombarded with ads for products and services that make thousands of fantastic claims. Every company wants you to believe that they, and only they, can improve your life, solve your problems and make your dreams come true.

But how many of these high-flying promises are accurate? Becoming a more educated consumer is the only way to break through all the clutter and make informed choices.

The Old Way to Do Plumbing

In the plumbing industry, we often find ourselves in the position of informing our customers about options they didn’t realize were available. We talk to people every day about advances in sewer technology that can save them time and money. One of the most common topics we tell people about is trenchless sewer repairs.

When you think about replacing or repairing broken sewer lines, you may picture the traditional method of digging a long, deep trench to access the pipe, which then needs to be replaced section by section. This is a slow and cumbersome process that can take days, if not weeks, and leaves destruction in its wake.

For many years, excavation was the only option for plumbers and their customers. However, about 15 years ago, the introduction of trenchless plumbing technology revolutionized our industry.

How Trenchless Repairs Work

Trenchless plumbing methods make it possible for us to fully replace a damaged sewer line without digging a massive trench or removing the existing pipe.

A1 Plumbing’s pull-in-place pipe lining technique requires two access holes, dug on either side of the problem area. With this solution, the technician pushes an epoxy-saturated pipe lining through the first access point, then pulls it through the other. When the epoxy hardens, it fuses to the interior of the original pipe, creating a seamless new pipe within a pipe.  

Advantages of Trenchless Plumbing

  • Trenchless techniques are a less costly, less disruptive option for sewer repairs.
  • Trenchless repairs result in little or no damage to landscaping and lawns.
  • The new pipe is joint-free, and resistant to leaks, cracks, corrosion and tree root intrusion.
  • The materials used for most trenchless procedures are highly durable, with lifespans measured in decades.
  • Most trenchless installations have a one-day turnaround time, with little to no interruption in sewer service.
  • At A1 Plumbing, all of our trenchless repairs come with a 25-year guarantee.

If you’re confronted with a costly sewer repair, know that you have options. Is trenchless technology the best fix for your property? Contact A1 Plumbing and ask us what we can do for you.

Trust Your Local Experts at A1 Plumbing

A1 Plumbing is an owner-operated company servicing Reno, Sparks, Carson City and the surrounding areas. We provide an extensive menu of services for residential, commercial and industrial properties, including trenchless sewer replacement, clogged drains, video camera sewer inspections, water heater repair and replacement, kitchen and bath remodeling, pipe hydro-jetting, leak detection and more.

Go Trenchless!

At A1 Plumbing, we are dedicated to providing quality work at a fair price. We offer the most cost-effective plumbing methods and cutting-edge technology to make sure your pipes are operating in peak condition.

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