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Don’t Let the Winter Chill Affect Your Midtown Reno Water Heater

There’s nothing better on a cold winter day to have a hot shower to warm up – but what happens when the tap stays cold or lukewarm? Protect yourself against wintertime conditions with services from A1 Plumbing! If you’re in the midtown Reno area, A1 Plumbing is here for you with experience and professionalism you can count on.

Troubleshooting at Home

It’s inevitable that your hot water heater will be pressed into extra duty over the winter months. This can put strain on it, leading to the need for repairs or even a replacement. Below are some troubleshooting tips that could help you to diagnose your issue, or even stop problems before they start.

  1. The average household water heater works well for about a decade before showing signs of wear. If your hot water heater is a ten years old or older, it’s a great idea to have a check-up before the worst of the winter season. Remember, the heater will see its most intense use, and be most prone to failure, during the coldest days!

  2. In today’s society, we’re used to the idea of having hot water available at any time, in any quantity. If your family has recently expanded, or if your home is prone to running short on hot water frequently, it’s likely that your hot water tank isn’t large enough for your family’s needs. Replacing your current heater with a larger model is usually the best solution.

  3. A pilot light going out on the coldest night of the year is the last thing you want. If the heater is a decade old or older, it might be time to replace it. If not, it could be that the area around the pilot light is suffering from dirt and dust buildup, and needs a cleaning.

  4. If you’re experiencing sediment buildup in your hot water tank, consider installing a water purifier and softener. This is good for your plumbing and hardware, not to mention better for your family’s health!

  5. If there’s no or not enough hot water (even with a lit pilot light and regular water usage), there could be something wrong with the temperature controls for the hot water heater.

A1 Plumbing has the knowledge needed to fix water heaters as needed, and if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call our team of professionals.

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