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The Latest Technology for Detecting Leaks in Your Pipes Available in the Reno Area


Experiencing plumbing issues can be a daunting prospect. Unlike other aspects of home or building maintenance, its very nature makes plumbing an out-of-sight aspect of your house, and attempting to identify the problem, let alone resolve it, can leave you at a loss.

For accurate identification and treatment of your pipe problem in the Reno area, contact A1 Plumbing to learn about our sewer camera inspections and other trenchless technology services, and how they can simplify your life!

Read on to identify whether you may have a leak or cracked pipe in your home:

Troubleshooting at Home

If you’ve noticed any or all of the below problems in your plumbing, your pipes may be experiencing a leak:

  • Low water pressure
  • Suddenly high water bills, even with regular usage
  • Persistent wet patches underneath the foundation of your house or in the backyard
  • Patches of verdantly green grass in your backyard that won’t go away
  • Lingering sewage odors in your basement or bathroom

These issues can easily lead to more serious problems if ignored, way beyond the prospect of a high water bill. A leak can and often does weaken the integrity of the pipe as a whole, and can rupture, leading to situations like raw sewage flooding your basement or yard or extensive water damage in your home.

Additionally, it’s important to note that your issue may have another cause, even if you tick several of the above boxes – clogs, cracks in your pipe, and tree roots invading the pipe can produce some of the same symptoms. The only way to know for sure is to employ the services of a professional, like our team at A1 Plumbing.

Identifying a Problem

In order to correctly identify the location and nature of your plumbing damage, A1 Plumbing system engineers utilize a sewer camera inspection to see your problem.  Like all our trenchless services, a camera inspection needs only a small access point to reach and service your pipe, rather than the deep trenches that were previously required.

A small, high-definition camera is inserted into the pipe by a technician, who is then able to pinpoint the location of the damage, note the state of your pipes, and recommend the best possible service for your needs.

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