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The problem of sewers malfunctioning is first brought to light when water backs up into the kitchen or bathrooms, or water seeps from the pipes, creating damp patches on walls and flooring.

Pouring drain cleaning solutions into the sewer at this point will not resolve the matter.  Drain cleaning is not a DIY job. The very nature of concealed plumbing means trained technicians need to solve the problem with specialized equipment.

These days, inspecting and cleaning drains is an easy, quick and economical procedure.

A small hole is dug into the ground to insert a flexible tube into the sewer. This tube is mounted with high-resolution camera and threaded through the sewer to transmit wireless images from inside the sewer to a monitor above ground. A trained technician keeps a close eye on the interior of the sewer and looks for cracks, holes, misalignment and blockages like root balls and domestic waste.

Once the problem is identified, the technician locates the exact spot of the blockage or breakage with the help of signals transmitted by the camera to a handheld device above the ground. A hole is dug down vertically to access the problem spot and repair work begins.

Trees have a rich source of water in the sewers running beneath, so it often happens that roots break through joints and cracks in pipes to access the water. Here they multiply and grow to the point to creating a dam within the sewer, which blocks the flow of water.  If the roots are small and weak, their removal is possible with the help of a mechanical sewer auger that has a rotating head attached to it. This head has teeth that cut through the roots, destroying the root ball.

If the problem is of blockage caused by domestic waste, the solution is hydro-jetting. In this method, a high volume of water through the sewer at high pressure to break-up and dislodge the accumulated gunk.  Hydro-jetting is also the solution for thicker root balls. The water used for hydro-jetting is pumped through the sewers with the help of a machine at up to 4,000 psi, up to 17 to 18 gallons per minute.

This high-pressure makes short work of any blockages within the sewer and flushes away the debris so the pipes are clear again.

Here at A1 Plumbing, we have a highly skilled team of technicians who can undertake to inspection, repair and even replacement your sewers with minimal disruption to your routine and your property.

We offer eco-friendly, high-quality work done with the latest technology in a short time. Our staff is friendly and courteous and will talk you through the entire project before starting work and will be happy to answer any questions you may have during.

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