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Until recently, plumbing repair has been an arduous and difficult process. The old fashion method used to be digging trenches to get to the perceived problem piping, which meant ripping up floorboards or lawns in order to reach them, taking a lot of time to do so. While it got the job done, home and business owners were left having to not only pay for the pipe repair itself but the cost of restoring their lawn or floorboards afterward.

How We Repair Plumbing Fixtures At A1 Plumbing With Trenchless Technology

Luckily A1 plumbing offers trenchless plumbing services that bypass those problems. Trenchless plumbing is revolutionary, with multiple processes that do not involve digging to reach pipelines. This saves time and money for home and business owners in an eco-friendly manner. From underground piping in your home to blocked pipes, trenchless methods can help quickly and effectively.

Our team uses sensitive cameras to inspect your pipes before we move forward with methods. This ensured the right process will be chosen. One of these processes includes pipelining, which is where epoxy is used to cover structural problems in pipes. Then our team places an epoxy sleeve into the pipe and expands it with hot air or water. While it expands, it quickly covers damaged areas of pipes. For a few hours, the new epoxy sleeve has to cure and harden. After the curing is finished, the epoxy serves as a second pipeline structure within the broken one. It covers broken areas and acts as a new perfectly sealed pipe.

When Is Pipe Lining & Pipe Bursting Plumbing Appliances Most Effective?

Unfortunately, pipe lining can only be used for pipes that are damaged or compromised. A full pipe collapse cannot be completed with this method. Instead, pipe bursting is the chosen route for success in these situations. Through a small access point not far from the collapsed pipe, a bursting head is installed. When the bursting head is dragged through the collapsed pipe it breaks the collapsed pipe apart. This allows room for a new pipe to be expertly placed where the old pipe used to lay.

Materials used in both of these processes can cover a wide range of pipe materials, from clay pipes to steel. Our methods are also very eco-friendly. In old techniques, gases from underground reach air and can be hazardous for life surrounding the opened area. Thanks to trenchless techniques, this is no longer a problem. Pipe materials are also much more durable and can last for many decades with good care and regular inspections.

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