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A1 Plumbing Inc. now provides services in the Northwest Reno area for all plumbing repair needs. Plumbing systems are like the circulatory system of the home, bringing in clean water and taking away the waste. It’s important to keep this part of your home maintained to sustain the functionality and health of your home.

Over time, the constant water breaks down the pipelines, and soap and grease residue becomes trapped and narrows the pipe diameter. This makes it possible for cracks and leaks to form, problems that affect the entire system negatively. Thankfully, A1 Plumbing Inc. offers a whole array of trenchless services to meet your plumbing needs and address all of these problems. If you are concerned that you may have a problem, our technicians can perform a video pipe inspection. This can show if there are any weakened areas or potential damage. If there is, we have many different solutions that are available for different plumbing needs.

Our cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining is a fast, affordable, and easy way to replace an old, damaged pipe. This is a trenchless method that doesn’t require us to dig up your yard or the interior of your home for us to have access to your pipes. We simply insert an epoxy-coated tube through an access point. This tube is forced up against the inside of the pipe in order to have the epoxy cure in the same shape and size. After a few hours, the curing process is completed and you will have a new and functional pipe. The original does not need to be removed as the epoxy has formed a new one within it. Our pipe lining service is very similar to the CIPP with a similar process of inserting and curing the epoxy. It creates a smooth barrier in between the old pipe and water but doesn’t need to be applied to the entire line in order to be effective. The lining is able to just cover up cracks and leaks instead of replacing the whole pipe. 

We also have a pipe bursting method if your pipe is too damaged for the CIPP lining to repair it. This process completely replaces the old pipe with a new one without needing to open up your lawn. The front portion of the desired replacement pipe is attached to a bursting head, which is slightly larger than the original pipe. This head is connected to either cables or a hydraulic system, which haul it through the old pipe. The larger size of the bursting head forces the pipe to split and fall apart while trailing the new pipe behind it. Once in the correct position, the head is removed and the new pipe is connected to the original pipe system.

All of these repair options can either spot-fix or completely replace a pipe without having to remove portions of your yard or floorboards. We typically only need a day to complete most of these methods, so you don’t have to take excessive time off work or have to worry about too many strangers have access to your home, making our plumbing repairs more convenient and affordable than with past methods of repairs.

If you’d like to discuss what method would work best for you, please give our team at A1 Plumbing Inc. a call at 503-505-2009!   

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