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In the past, sewer repair companies had to rely on educated guesswork and the strength of experience to identify the cause of a drain problem. Many times, the technician began work – even excavated and removed large sections of pipe – only to find that the problem wasn’t where they’d thought. Today, A-1 Plumbing’s sewer camera inspection services allow us to get a first-hand look at the inside of your pipes so we can accurately diagnose every sewer line problem. Our video inspection greatly reduces the chance of unpleasant surprises in the middle of a major repair, so you’ll never have to worry about inconvenient project extensions and growing costs.

Our sewer camera inspections are performed with a special waterproof camera that’s small enough to fit in pipe openings as narrow as two inches in diameter. The camera feeds real-time video footage through fiber optic cable to a viewscreen for immediate review and analysis. Our technician can work this camera through the sewer lines to locate blockages, measure debris buildup, check for damage or corrosion, and even identify fissures indicative of deterioration as a result of excessive heat or dry desert air.

The footage obtained during sewer camera inspection is helpful in many situations. If your drains are completely blocked, it allows us to pinpoint the location of the obstruction and determine the material causing it: compacted paper products, sanitary supplies, dried or hardened sewage or a collapsed pipe, just to name a few. It also helps guide effective drain cleaning tools such as hydro jetting systems and sewer snakes, particularly in complex sewer systems such as those in apartment communities or commercial buildings.

The video footage is also useful when evaluating pipe buildup to determine whether drain cleaning is needed. In the Fernley area, our hard water frequently leads to heavy layers of mineral deposits such as calcium scale. This buildup restricts waste flow and contributes to recurring stoppages, which will add up to hundreds in repair costs over time. A sewer camera inspection will reveal where the buildup is causing the most problems, so you can have those areas cleaned or repaired.

Inspection doesn’t just help you when you start to notice a problem with your current home. You can also use it to check for pre existing sewer cracks and obstructions during your new home purchase. A major sewer line failure can cost thousands in repair costs, especially if the damage continues until it extends to the street connection. A quick sewer camera inspection will alert you to the potential problems before you commit to the purchase.

A-1 Plumbing stands by our commitment to honesty, transparency, and great customer service. We’ll show you the video images and discuss what we see so you can make informed decisions about your needs. We want you to know that you’re receiving the right service, and we never recommend services that aren’t necessary.

If you’re having sewer problems, call A-1 Plumbing for your sewer camera inspection and find out exactly what’s gone wrong. We’ll look at your pipes with you and recommend the best solutions to solve your problem as quickly and affordably as possible. We’re here to help you!

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