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If you’re experiencing drain problems in your home or business in Carson City, look no further than A1 Plumbing, who will use the most cutting-edge technology to solve your pipe and plumbing issues!

What kind of sewer repair do I need?

A1 Plumbing offers a range of trenchless services to meet your plumbing needs. These range from basic, routine maintenance to major repairs, but all are completed using our minimally invasive trenchless technology. Unlike traditional repairs, which require extensive digging in your yard or under the foundation of your house, trenchless repairs are all defined by their use of only a small access point to service your pipe. All sewer repairs, regardless of how severe, are completed below-ground – great news for the home or business owner, as this translates to less mess, job time, and less hassle. Below are three of our most common sewer repair services:

  • Drain cleaning and sewer camera inspection: These services are performed before any repair. A small, high-definition camera is sent into the pipe by a trained technician, who analyzes the images and assesses the pipe’s damage and its location. The pipe is then cleaned to enable repairs using hydrojetting, a process which injects high-pressured water into the pipe and strips away kitchen grease, tree roots, and other debris.
  • Trenchless pipe lining: This process is suitable for degraded, corroded, or simply older pipes. It is also highly flexible, as it can be applied to the whole plumbing system or simply one area, and can be installed in straight, curved, or 90-degree angle pipes. Following a cleaning, a durable epoxy resin is applied to the inside of pipe and cured with heat. The new liner has a lifespan of up to fifty years, and its seamless construction deters tree roots or leaky pipes!
  • Pipe bursting: This method is used in cases when new pipe must be installed, and is suitable for larger system replacements rather than spot repairs. A “bursting head” travels along your pipe, shattering it. Attached behind the bursting head is new pipe, which is laid simultaneously.

Don’t try this at home

Though you may be tempted to try removing clogs yourself, under no circumstances should you use commercial drain cleaners. Though branded as a quick-fix solution, even bottles marked “drain-friendly” contain formulas that will corrode pipes. Commercial liquid cleaners allegedly work by breaking down clogs from inside the pipe enough for them to be flushed away, but are only somewhat effective. The clog is only degraded somewhat using this method, and if moved at all, it is simply pushed further into your drain. Meanwhile, the liquid chemical you’ve just poured into your drain is extremely caustic and toxic. Even if processed in water treatment plants, it can poison groundwater and local waterways, harming both wildlife and your drinking water. Additionally, if handled incorrectly, it can cause serious chemical burns; pets and children are especially vulnerable if bottles are kept in the house.

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