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When you need sewer repair, A-1 Plumbing combines the most effective technology with top-shelf service to create a great customer experience for our clients in the Fernley area. We are a full-service sewer line repair company with a wide variety of solutions to fix any problem, large or small. Whether you are a homeowner struggling with a leaky sewer line or a large commercial enterprise with a major sewer failure, we have the tools you need to make your problems a thing of the past.

A-1 Plumbing offers both innovative trenchless sewer repair methods and traditional trench sewer repairs. Our modern trenchless technology allows us to complete many sewer repairs with little to no digging, significantly reducing the cost of the project and eliminating damage to hardscaping and landscaping that leaves an unsightly scar on your property. In trenchless repairs, we introduce the tools and repair materials through an existing cleanout port built into the plumbing. Pipe lining, a process that applies a thin, long-lasting epoxy liner to the interior of the pipe, can handle most repairs in which the pipe still retains its shape and will allow the lining to pass through. A tube coated with the resin is inserted into the pipe until it covers all the damaged areas. Once it’s in place, it’s inflated to form a new, hardened pipe within the damaged one that cures in just a few hours. It will improve water flow and resist rust, corrosion, and roots, so it lasts up to 50 years. For aging clay sewer lines that have cracked or deteriorated in the desert heat, pipe lining not only restores the pipe but prevents a recurrence and additional expense.

Pipe bursting is our other most popular trenchless sewer repair method, and it’s an effective way to completely replace a collapsed or damaged pipe right in the ground without the need for major excavation. A new pipe is inserted into the damaged pipe with a special tool, then pulled through to break the old pipe outward and replace it with the new pipe right in place. The damaged pipe will eventually dissolve into the ground, so there is no construction debris to clutter up landfills. Pipe bursting can be used for pipes that have essential connections and joints that must be kept free to maintain proper sewer function.

Pipe lining and pipe bursting can be successfully used for most sewer repairs to keep your repair project as fast and affordable as possible. However, if your situation requires excavation to remove a difficult section of pipe and replace it, we have the equipment needed to complete the process as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

When you call or submit your online quote request for sewer repair, we’ll schedule a time to come to your property and thoroughly inspect your sewer lines with our video sewer inspection technology. We’ll then recommend the procedures to solve your problem in the most effective, affordable way. Once you’re comfortable, we’ll begin work and keep you informed of the progress.

A-1 Plumbing couples the newest technology with honest, experienced, expert technicians to ensure that your sewer repair experience is as pain-free as possible. We’re the provider Fernley residents and businesses need for low-impact, low-cost trenchless repairs. Call or request your online quote today!

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