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The very thought of malfunctioning sewage pipes is enough to give home owners sleepless nights. You know how it goes. A stubborn leak, high water bills or an unstoppable mold taking over your bathroom walls. Traditionally, the only option you had was highly disruptive and expensive. Tear down the walls, dig a hole to find the problem and pay a fortune to get it fixed. A necessary evil, but it was the only option available.

However, when it comes to sewer repairs, there is a better option that is faster, cheaper and more effective than traditional plumbing. Here we answer some of the most common questions about the trenchless repair piping system.

What is a Better Way to do Sewer Repairs?

Trenchless Repair Piping or Cured In Place Piping is the latest thing in the world of underground sewage pipes. It is a method that repairs and even replaces underground sewage pipes with minimal fuss.

Trenchless Repair Piping has highly skilled technicians performing the job. They use a flexible pipe to maneuver a hi-res camera through the pipes. This camera transmits images to an above-ground hand-held receiver where a technician is carefully noting all he sees inside the pipes. This could be anything from scum lining the interior of the pipes, to grease balls and tree roots.

Once the problem has been identified, technicians use a hand-held device to locate the same spot above ground. The monitor and camera are transmitting signals to each other, so the exact spot is pinpointed. Next a small hole is dug to reach the pipes and fix the problem.

Renew Sewer Pipes

If the problem identified is a big one that is beyond simple maintenance of the pipes, CIPP is the best method to use because it renews old sewer pipes without any excavation on your property.

However, if the problem cannot be fixed with a simple relining of the pipe, the resin can also be used to form a new pipe in place of the old one. The resin takes the shape and size of the pipe and is used to break the older pipe before setting into a concrete-like substance.

Why is it for you?

This method of repairing sewer pipes is gaining in popularity for a number of reasons. Firstly, it truly is a trenchless system where underground pipes are maintained, repaired or replaced without any major digging of your premises. A small hole dug just above the problem spot is usually sufficient to do the job.

Secondly, this is a quicker method of doing the job – what took days with the traditional method can now be done in a matter of hours.

Thirdly, CIPP is much cheaper than the traditional method because there isn’t too much physical labour involved.

Lastly, there is minimal disruption and inconvenience caused to you as the house owner. There is no digging up of premises and number of people working on your property is the minimal.

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