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Sewer repairs in and around Reno are much easier these days thanks to trenchless technology. The word trenchless refers to the method used to diagnose and repair a damaged sewer line. Many companies still use the older ‘dig and remove’ method. In Reno and the surrounding area you can avoid that by giving us at A1 Plumbing a call. What we will do will be easier on your yard, the environment and your wallet.

We will visit your property and dig one or two small holes to access the sewer line connections. Then we will insert a tiny camera inside the pipe, which allows us to see exactly what is going on from inside the sewer line. By doing this we can locate the precise location of damage as well as identify what kind of damage has taken place. The camera will show us everything from a clog to a break, crack, or cave-in of your sewer line.

Depending on what the problem is with your pipe, our experts at A1 Plumbing will take care of the repairs. If a clog needs to be removed we’ll blast it with pressurized water to flush it through the line. If there is a crack or break we may use an epoxy liner or a cured-in place pipe line as a repair. The epoxy is a coating that is applied to the inside of the sewer line and will seal the leaks. A CIPP liner creates a new pipe inside a pipe.

For more serious repairs where a pipe has collapsed we will use pipe bursting to replace the existing pipe and replace it with a new one. This is done by pulling a bursting head through the damaged pipe with a new pipe attached to it.

As the bursting head is pulled through it breaks up the pipe to be replaced. The new pipe gets pulled into place without the need for the digging of a trench to remove the old pipe and lay the new one.

The benefits of trenchless sewer repairs in Reno are many and include:

  • Reduced damage to your yard and landscaping,
  • Pricing of up to 50-percent less than traditional pipe repairs,
  • 25 year guarantee on the pipe repair with replacement pipes guaranteed not to leak
  • Repairs to most sewer lines completed within a day
  • No disruption to sewer service during repairs

As you can see, trenchless technology is a benefit for you and a benefit for us. We can get the job done quicker and cheaper than digging massive holes and trenches in your property leaving behind huge scars years after the job is complete. For more information on how we can save you time and money on your sewer line repairs, and keep your yard looking great contact us today at A1 Plumbing. Our professional plumbing crew has been using trenchless technology for years. You can schedule your appointment by sending us an email or if you prefer, call us at 775-800-4180.

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