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What Makes Two Component Lining So Effective?

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A1 Plumbing is a premier company specializing in the latest technological solutions for sewer upkeep. Two component lining is one of the most effective forms of trenchless sewer pipe repair.

So what makes two component lining so effective in terms of repairing your sewer lines?

The Two Component Lining Process

It starts with the mixing of component A and component B. When mixed, the new material is highly viscous and has a remarkable ability to impregnate materials like fiberglass and felt.

The flexible tube liner material is corrosion-proof polyester fiber. It’s then coated with a reaction resin, or sometimes called a two-component epoxy. The liner coated with resin makes it inside the problem pipe, where it is then inverted using compressed air.

The liner surface is turned inside and out, pressing against the host pipe wall. This position is maintained by the compressed air until the resin completely cures.

The pipe within the old pipe structure holds its own even when the host pipe falls away.

Lining Effectiveness – Two Is Better Than One

Special epoxy resin is great for trenchless sewer repair as it provides good mechanical properties while needing only a short time to cure.

Setting and pot times are very consistent. It allows for quick composite insertion and impregnation while having top curing time, which improves overall efficiency. The resin hardens well even while submerged in water and within pressure. Moreover, it bonds well with a number of construction materials in common conditions. The material is also better than previous piping materials and it has a seal barrier that protects it from exfiltration and infiltration.

This type of lining is great for preventing leaks and further damage to your sewer line. You get sustainable results due to the excellent mechanical property of component lining. The compound does not produce any harmful chemicals and the odor wears off quickly. Technicians may use carbon powder or chopped fiberglass as filler for thick application that require vertical utilization without sagging.

Trenchless Pipe Lining Projects

A manhole to manhole sewer lining installation may be needed for certain circumstances, including ground water infiltration and other issues that could potentially cause manhole deterioration. The two components used in lining are- a restoration mortar and a solid corrosion coating. Technicians shoot the mortar through an accessible manhole substrate; the epoxy coating is then applied as the mortar sets.

One sewer lining process will work better in certain situations. Some linings can stick to wet surfaces while others are excellent at adhering to dry ones. Technicians will determine the overall state of the environment for the best results. You should also choose a company who has the knowledge, the experience and the passion to properly install the two component lining.

A1 Plumbing offers excellent lining services that will take care of your sewer problem. Whether for wet well rehabbing, manhole to manhole lining, lateral lining, or for applications that need a tough, chemical coating, you can count on A1 to complete the job. Call today and experience top trenchless services at affordable prices!

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