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Plumbing Issues in Southwest Reno Don’t Have to Break The Bank


Clogs in any part of your sewer line can become a major problem, but that shouldn’t equate to a huge repair bill. A1 Plumbing is here to ensure all your plumbing issues won’t break the bank. We can permanently fix and prevent them using the latest innovations in sewer line repair.

Camera Inspection

We offer a more advanced form of sewer line repair that foregoes extensive excavation procedures. We’ve got all the necessary skills, tools, and equipment to efficiently perform trenchless techniques. Our professional technicians provide a 100% accurate diagnosis using a state-of-the-art miniature video camera. One small access point should be enough to inspect the whole length of your sewer system.

From above ground, our technicians can locate where exactly the clogs and the leaks are, whether inside your walls, under the flooring or even the foundation slab. We can tell if the problem is root intrusion, cracking, leaking or corroded piping. We can map the physical location of your sewer line along with the depth and the length of the pipes.

We can find any and all existing sewer pipe problems in a fraction of the time it would take traditional sewer inspection methods to do so. The real-time video feed is crystal clear that even minute cracks will be visible. Using the data, we come up with the best solution for your particular line issue. In the end, you save a significant amount of time and money. We will provide you a copy of the sewer inspection as a type of blueprint of your sewer line you can use for reference in the future.

Pipe Cleaning and Restoration

Most sewer issues in Reno can be solved using drain cleaning. When you’re experiencing rust discoloration, low water pressure, drains that give off unusual sewage odors, and slowness, it’s best to call the experts at A1 Plumbing to get it fixed as soon as possible. You may suspect an issue somewhere inside your sewer pipes due to constant back-ups and blockages but don’t know where it’s exactly located. The same goes for checking for leaks and breakages in the underground pipes.  Sewer camera inspections paired with trenchless repair gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Our trenchless technology is one of the best, the fastest, and the most cost-effective sewer repairs out there. Our experienced technicians can replace whole pipe sections at a time, thanks to trenchless solutions. We can repair and replace any piping material, including corrugated metal, concrete, Orangeburg, clay, cast iron, ABS, and PVC with the new HDPE pipe that’s built to last around 50 years or more. You get to save in the long run from huge water bills and less frequent service calls.

Call A1 Plumbing

Regular camera inspections and cleaning prevent clogs and breakage from happening. A1 Plumbing services the whole of Southwest Reno with our pipe lining, drain cleaning services, and everything in between. You can count on us to respond quickly during plumbing emergencies and have your sewer problems resolved at a very reasonable price.

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