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When facing a drain clog in your kitchen or bathroom sink, it’s sometimes tempting to use home remedies to remove it. However, that might just be a quick fix. Although it will let you assume that the problem has been resolved, chances are it will come back AND you’ve contributed to an even bigger problem.
By using a plunger, chemical cleaner, or drain snake at home, you will only end up removing a small amount of material from your pipes. The actual sludge will still be left behind coating the pipes and eventually will cause another clog with new debris clinging to it.

Drains that get clogged often can’t be fixed with store-bought cleaners. Neither can they be ignored when they start causing bad sanitation or spreading pungent smells around your home or business. These require professional attention to be cleaned and fixed in a way where they don’t get choked up again.

Professional and effective drain cleaning

If you do start to notice that your home’s drains are clogging up or slowing down, don’t waste your time trying to find a temporary solution, call us at A1 Plumbing and let our expert technicians take care of the problem for you. We have the experience and knowledge, along with the necessary equipment required to do all sorts of plumbing and repair work.
Our experts are always prepared with the right tools and skills to tackle any clog, regardless of its location. We can clear your drains without bringing any harm to your pipes or spoiling the surrounding area. In addition to the repair work, A1 Plumbing experts can also give you recommendations and tips on how to avoid future clogs and ensure your pipes remain well maintained in the long run.

Unlike store bought home drain clears, which often omit harsh odors or cause irritation to your eyes or breathing, our solutions are safer and more environmentally friendly. We thoroughly clean your pipes and do it in the best way possible without the use of harsh chemicals.

No damage to the environment or your budget

We also offer hydro-jetting services to clean out pipes. By forcing down pressurized water through a drain, we can push out hair, grease, and other debris that has collected over time and is blocking your lines. This is a long lasting maintenance option and very cost-effective too.
If you are under the assumption that calling professionals to your home to unclog the drains will be costly, let us reassure you that we will keep your budget in mind. Remember, a clog will only get worse the longer you wait to do something about it. In fact, you might end up spending more money on ineffective drain cleaners repeatedly or by destroying your pipes and then spending more to fix them.

Keep in mind that certain drain cleaners can begin to crack and damage your pipes if used repeatedly. Our professional plumbing team will end up saving you from spending any extra money on a process we know how to do best.

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